Best Welding Rod for Cast Iron: Complete Guide

DIY cast welding is a time and money saver, but it is not as easy as it seems. The failure in operation results in more complexity and cracking in the material. Besides, if the job is critical, then it is better to take the help of skilled welders for appropriate results.

When it comes to picking up the electrode or welding rod for cast iron, then consider three factors: price, the capability of the machine, and either the weld requires single or multiple passes.

What are the best welding rods used to weld cast iron?

There are options when it comes to a welding rod of cast iron. All of these rods are best, but they have some distinct and remarkable characteristics. These there are as follows:

  • Cast iron covered rods
  • Nickel alloy rod
  • Steel rods


The three best welding rods for cast iron are as follows:

1.   Lincoln Electric 1/ 8” 7018 MR

Lincoln Electric 7018It is one of the widely used materials for welding cast iron. Moreover, it is ideal for professional use because it is incredibly good for repair, heavy pipeline, and structural welding. However, due to the low percentage of hydrogen in the composition, the rod is sensitive to exposure.

Therefore, Lincoln Electric ⅛ inch 7018 MR should be exposed to air for a short while in some high-end applications. Apart from that, in a similar and low application, this welding rod can easily bear air exposure before being compromised.

  • Hermetically air locked
  • Handy for structural steel
  • Remarkable for repair work
  • Ideal for stick welding application
  • Moisture resistance
  • It can be left at room temperature for too long


2.   Hobart 1/ 8” 7018 Welding Rods

Hobart 7018Another welding rod for cast iron welding is Hobart ⅛ inch 7018 Welding Rods as they are easier to use and because their low hydrogen amount can be used in all positions. So, it is exceptional for welding on low, medium, and high carbon welding rods.

Impressively, this rod is ideal for newbies as its cost is low, availability is high, and it also burns smoothly. Overall, we can say the durability of this rod, along with its capability to prevent moisture. Still, they are not suggested to be used for low voltage.

  • Affordable price
  • Best suited for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for various welding techniques
  • It results in high-quality welds
  • Plastic packing


3.   Forney 1/ 8” 6010 Welding Rods

Forney 6010Former ⅛  inch 6010 is an all-position welding rod that can weld in any grease, mill scale, scale, and contaminants. In addition, with this welding rod, you can easily accomplish a professional welding task. You can utilize this rod if you have applied physics and mathematics.

Moreover, its dig is quite larger than those rods with high with low hydrogen content. Besides that, this best rod for welding cast iron is also very outdoor.  Further, this technique is also very good as you can execute it by disturbing jabafay, tools, and fever.

  • It penetrates easily through contaminated metals
  • All in one position rod
  • Works efficient
  • Passion for the further
  • Simple and straightforward in use
  • Sometimes the flux coating will extinguish the task.


Final Words:

If you are going to work with cast iron, then search for the rod with particular properties. In this way, there will be minimal change if anything goes wrong. As a trainee welder, you should buy the cheapest welding rod for cast iron to gain practical skills without going beyond the budget. Hopefully, this post has proven helpful in clarifying your thoughts and making decisions.