How Hard Is Welding: Factors, Tips And Much More

Many aspiring welders have a question in mind, whether is welding hard, and want to know the answer. And the answer to this question will enable you to decide whether this field is for you or not, so we decided to answer it. So, carry on reading this post.

Some people consider welding a severely difficult skill because its practical portion is much harder to grasp than theoretical knowledge. It is so because the majority of people find years and years of experience and extensive learning frightening.

However, this difficulty level in learning welding depends on lots of factors. We know that humans are different. Some of them learn to weld in just a short period, while others demand a considerable amount of time to develop their skill set. Moreover, some people will still not be able to weld after putting in their time and effort.


What are the factors that determine how hard it is to learn to weld?

The following are the factors that indicate how hard it is to learn to weld:

  • Education

If you have a proper education regarding welding and learn every in and out of it, you will definitely find welding easy. Similarly, those with no adequate welding knowledge often say welding is a complex task. So, if you want to become a welder, you must get a welding education from a welding school.

In welding school, you will learn to read welding blueprints that are very hard to comprehend by an ordinary person. In this way, it will make the learning process of welding easy for you.

  • Hands-on Experience

Do you want to lead the art of welding shortly? If so, then there is no better way to learn to weld other than gaining on-the-job experience. However, getting a welding job without any knowledge usually is hard to impossible. But don’t worry if you have any prior welding experience.

You can join a skilled welder as its assistant in this way; you will earn a little while increasing your experience portfolio. It is a known fact that those individuals with welding experience don’t consider welding a challenging task. The reason is they have worked enough, which is why everything is easy for them.

  • Persistence

Determination and persistence is the key to success for a welder like every other professional. Some people remain consistent and face the rough and challenging conditions of the welding job and keep on polishing their skills. These are the people who find welding earlier to learn, and those who don’t dare to face real-time find it a challenging task.

  • Trainer

You can’t learn to weld if you don’t get schooling and training from a great teacher. The trainer can be a teacher at a vocational school or an experienced welder from whom you start your apprenticeship. A delicate teacher will teach you every in and out of the game. Moreover, after acquiring knowledge of welding from the trainer, you will not think welding is a challenging job.

  • Putting money in a proper way

Even though you can earn a lot more from welding than many jobs in the market, if you don’t invest your money rightly in buying welding machines and don’t end up having a second-hand welder, then you would definitely master the trade in no time.

Moreover, cheap machines and accessories will definitely have a negative impact on your welding performance. Therefore, you might also find welding a rigorous task like most people.


Tips while learning to weld

Welding is not an easy job, and it demands you to invest a massive amount of time and effort. We have some tips for you to lead welding given as follows:

1.    Practice

After learning the skill from a reputable trainer, it is necessary to practice those skills to never forget what you have learned. Moreover, practice makes you perfect at performing welds and refining your knowledge and expertise.

2.    Learn from mistakes

When you practice welding, you will absolutely make blunders and mistakes, which is not bad at all. Always learn to improve your mistakes, and don’t try to learn every time so quickly.  Put your time to rectify your errors and then come back the next day as a better welder.

3.    Give your body enough rest

Adequate body rest is necessary to maintain focus at work because welding is risky work, so don’t do this job with a tired mind. If you get a reasonable amount of sleep, then you can remain attentive for the whole day, which results in better performance on the field.

4.    Implement the golden rule

The golden rule to become a master in any field is to put 10000 hours into its practice. Therefore, if you crave to be a master welder, you learn this single skill for 10000 hours. Besides, if you set aside 6 to 8 hours per day learning to weld, you will master the trade in just a few years.

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