How Much Do Underwater Welders Make? Pay scale

Lots of people are curious about How Much Do Underwater Welders Make. So, let us remove your confusion about the underwater welder pay scale. The hourly average pay scale of underwater welders is 25.65$ and annually is 100,000$. It may increase based on the experience of diving. 

How Much Do Underwater Welders Make

The underwater welding field is increasing gradually day by day. Anyone can be skilled in it, and it does not require high education or previous experience.

But Hold On!

Incomplete information might involve you in some hectic problem. If you’re thinking of becoming skilled in Underwater welding, you must have complete information before starting. It might be the toughest job in the world. You also can become professional, but it takes a long time to become an experienced underwater welder. 

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How Much Do Underwater Welders Make ( Pay Scale)

Underwater welding is the most paying field and makes you completely independent and enough for all your expenses. It is a type of area that can provide you with a luxury lifestyle. It is not all about money, but also it gives bonuses, travel, and adventure opportunities. These are the facilities that it provides you but do you think what they have to do? How difficult is it? What is the nature of work? Of course not. Let us guide you each and everything about its nature of work. You have to read the complete guide about how many underwater welders make money and what type of work it required. 

Underwater welders are actually engineers of the big machines like ships, maintenance, and setting up all its issues. They also help to construct and repair the oil pipelines. 

Types of underwater welders and their pay

Let’s discuss how many types of underwater welders are and what is their exact pay scale. There are two types of underwater welders. One is onshore, and the other is offshore. 


Underwater Welders pay scale

OnShore Welders

The onshore welder is also called Inline diving and works underwater on lakes, bridges, dams, and rivers. Inland welders dive mostly into the freshwater and complete their jobs. It mostly does civil engineering tasks and does not support oil and gas pipelines and their maintenance. They also analyze and judge the bridges and work in all types of weather. That’s why it is said to be the most challenging job in the world. Repairing walls of dams, maintaining the nuclear power station, cutting debris underwater and maintaining the sewage pipes, and recovering the fishing boat are also included in the diver duty. This information will surely help you to know how much do underwater make money. 

OffShore Welders

Offshore welders are the highest and most professional types of welders that dive into the seas, gulf, and oceans. These divers are operated from the surface or the boat and ships. The oil and gas industries use these divers to analyze and for the maintenance of their marine structure. The oil and gas resources underseas, the ocean is also introduced by these offshore welders. They live there for many days or months underwater. That’s why underwater welders’ pay scales are incredibly high.  

The remaining over many days and weeks underwater is not an easy job because they have to bear the water pressure, visibility, and changing weather conditions. So, it is dangerous and needs a lot of effort and experience. The pay scale of entry-level offshore welders is 40,000$ to 60,000$. Similarly, the starting salary of 5 to 6 year experienced offshore welders is 50,000$ to 80,000$.


We have listed some important factors of underwater welding pay, and it will increase based on experience and service. Read every factor attentively about how much do underwater welders make.

Field Experience

Field Experience is the most important factor of underwater welding. Each state has its own taste of the field to get experiences. North sea underwater welders get started inland and then go for offshores. Similarly, American welders choose offshore first, and they choose the Gulf of Mexico to gain experience. Furthermore, The United States welders are supposed to use 1 to 2 years for getting experience, and they choose the dirt and grind field with working over more than 10-hour jobs. 

Diving Environments

Another important factor of the high pay of the Underwater welders is the severe weather. They sometimes work underwater even below zero degrees. It is not a single job, but you have to bear freezing temperature or sometimes high temperature. 

Overtime Pay

Another reason for the high pay scale of underwater welders is their overtime duty. It may increase up to 50% of the regular salary by working 12 hours a day. The pay of the welders also depends on experience and performance. An experienced welder has more worth than entry-level welders. It also varies from state to state. For example, the pay scale of welders in the North Sea is different from America or the United States. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to become an underwater welder?

There are no special academic course requirements to become an underwater welder. You have to learn the basic skill and then get the certificates. If you know and pass your test, you will become capable enough to work as an underwater welder, and then you get the idea about how much do underwater welders make money.

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How dangerous is underwater welding?

As good as it pays, as much as they face the danger. It might be the toughest job in the world. Lots of dangers they have to face underwater, including equipment failure or damage, sickness, an electric shock into the water, or an underwater explosion. Hearing and the muscular issue also harm you when you do this job over many years. 

How deep can underwater welders work?

The answer to the question is totally based on the place of work. But the rough estimation is that interior divers and commercial coasters work in-depth 180 to 200 feet below sea level. But the welders sometimes work at a great depth of 200 to 300 feet, but it needs necessary equipment like oxygen or helium to survive.

Final Words

Finally, this information will help you if you are thinking of becoming an underwater welder. After reading the complete article, you have been able to answer the most confusing question of how much do underwater makes. The underwater welder pay scale is high than other welders. If they are working in the United States, they will get huge money because they have the great US. 

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