How to fix cast iron without welding​? 3 Recommended Methods

Cast iron is a versatile metal and is utilized in several industrial and household items. Cast iron materials are brittle in nature, but they are prone to cracks and breaks if you do not utilize them properly. Besides that, the cracks on the cast iron may result from physical shocks such as falling it on a hard substance, sharp fluctuations In temperature, and thermal ingredients.

It is very annoying when you cast iron-made material cracks. But fortunately, there are techniques that you can apply to fix the problem instantly without any issues. You can also fix the cracked cast iron by welding, but the procedure can even worsen the condition. In this article, we will disclose those ways to repair cast iron without welding, so proceed with reading.


What are the causes of cracked cast iron?

The cracks on cast iron are a problem that develops over time, so it is because of a single flaw. The following are the mistakes that eventually lead to cracking in cast iron:

1. Power maintenance:

The cast iron materials have oily layers over their surface, which prevent contamination. Moreover, the major reason may be its exposure to the wet and humid atmosphere, which results in the scrubbing of seasoning. In addition, if you are storing cast iron cookware in an oven, then its internal moisture will also damage the seasoning, which results in cracking.

2. Corrosion:

Another culprit behind the cracking of cast iron is corrosion which occurs when there is no protection over the surface of the iron. Besides, storage in a wet and humid atmosphere can be the major reason for the corrosion of your cast iron materials. Mainly, you should store cast iron materials in those places where there is proper ventilation of air.

3. Pitting:

Pitting is one of the important problems with cast iron which results in its rusting. When the oily layer over your cast iron material wears off, then it is exposed for rusting. Due to this reason, it is a must to maintain your cast iron and not expose it to a wet and humid atmosphere. If there is a greasy and oily texture over the surface of your cast iron material, then there is a likelihood of developing pitting.


How to fix cast iron without welding?

The following are the procedures that you can employ to fix the cracked cast iron without any mess:

1. Epoxy primer:

The widely acknowledged way to fix loose cast iron is to employ an epoxy primer. You may be thinking, why epoxy primer, right? The reason is it is utilized on concrete to improve its strength, so you will use it to fix your loose cast iron materials. You will easily find epoxies in various colors in the market and utilize them the same way you did in the concrete project.

2. Hot glue gun:

Rather than using an epoxy primer, you can also utilize a hot glue gun to repair your cast iron pieces. The use of glue means that it will not lose again too early, but there is no guarantee that cast iron will never lose again. If you want excellent strength, then use industry-standard glue because they have more adhesive power than consumer glue.

3. Putty:

The best solution for loose cast iron is to use putty. In addition to this, you can apply this substance to the loose part of cast iron. You can take the help of a putty knife for spreading putty all over the loose sections of your cast iron material. Moreover, you have to cover the area you have applied putty over its surface with a paper towel and cloth.

Final Words:

The cracked cast iron does not mean the end of your piece. You can surely repair it and restore its functionality to normal without welding it. Metal brazing, cold metal stocking, and epoxy putty are some techniques you can utilize to fix. Moreover, repairing cast iron is very fruitful because it will save you from buying a newer one.