How to Set up a Welding Rig Truck- Ultimate Guide 2023

Doing an internship under a seasoned and well-established welder is an excellent decision after completing your welding education from a welding school. The reason is you will learn practical and on the field welding under a master welder, which will be your trainer as well. Moreover, you will learn how to perform distinct welding techniques, handle challenging situations and safety procedures.

In this way, you will learn how to work in a team as well as gain hands-on experience, which will help you when you start your own welding business. We advise you to complete your apprenticeship first and then work for a well-known welding company to understand your business work. As a result, you’ll also build expertise in almost all the technical aspects of welding.

It isn’t easy to launch your welding truck in the market as there are so many things, excluding welding, that you have to figure out before venturing. First of all, you have to answer this question of whether you are prepared financially, physically, emotionally, and mentally. If yes, then you might be ready to handle your own welding truck. There are a lot of people who are successful with their welding trucks. If you think you can, then go for it.


How to set up a welding rig truck step by step

Below given are some steps you have to follow to set up a welding rig truck:

Cost estimation

No matter what you are going to do, money has a significant impact on it directly or indirectly. It is usually very disappointing for many newbie RIG welders that when they come to know, setting up a RIG welding truck is pretty expensive. Believe me; it sucks when you get to know you haven’t enough money to make your dream come true.

Everything involved in venturing consumes money; the most expensive thing in that adventure is a truck. Moreover, you are going to establish your workshop inside a truck. That’s why you need to buy dozens of equipment that aren’t cheap as well. Let’s say if somewhere you have found inexpensive tools, then I’m sure you will not buy them due to the poor quality.

Do you think this is the whole expense you’re going to bear? If so, then you are absolutely wrong. You need to register your business as well. Therefore, you have to spend a lot of bucks to go through this process, and also you need to purchase an insurance policy as well. Further, the frequent maintenance of the truck will also put pressure on your pocket.


Which one is better: buying or modifying a truck?

If you do not own a truck, then you have to buy it as you haven’t any option except that. Moreover, it will be the most expensive thing you need to purchase to start RIG welding. Besides, the aspirant RIG welder has to spend more than half of your RIG welding truck setup money.

However, if you already have a usable truck, then you don’t need to buy a newer one. But you have to modify it, which includes adding radio, putting in flags, painting, and placing all the tools appropriately. Further, modifying your old truck will also cost you a lot but relatively less than getting a new model.

Get all necessary tools

After arranging the truck for your endeavor, you now have to get all the tools and stuff necessary to start RIG welding. We have prepared a list of some tools, and other things you need in your truck are:

  • Welding machine
  • Chains
  • Portal band
  • Rigging tools
  • Saws
  • Pipe cutters
  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Handheld torch
  • Regulator
  • Welding machine’s cable
  • Clamps
  • Barrel torches
  • Grinders
  • Truck’s lighting system
  • Drill and driver set
  • Air compressors

Business registration

Registering a RIG welding business isn’t easy as it looks as it requires a decent amount of money to be put in. Moreover, if you are okay with paying the money for that step move on to the step by step guide for registration which are:

  • You have to think about the name of the business first
  • After you are gone through the process of naming your business, then pay the registration fee
  • Now, it’s time to pass through paperwork which involves signing a lot of paper
  • After that toughest step of documentation, processing starts, which is usually frustrating as it takes a lot of time
  • Once you get the documents, you will be the owner of your dream business


The network is critical in getting the first project as a RIG welder. Now, you may be understanding why we are saying this before gaining experience under a skilled welder, or a welding company will help you later. Moreover, you can also take advantage of Google My Business, Linked In, and other widespread social media platforms to trap the very first client.

Collect safety gears

We advise you to get all the safety equipment to protect yourself from an unusual and hazardous event. Moreover, the safety equipment includes a welding helmet, jacket, apron, leather gloves, special work boots, and goggles. Welding is pretty dangerous because you can burn yourself, get an electric shock, and much more. It’s a matter of your life, so don’t compromise on buying protective gear.

Be reliable

After you are in the market, you need to become reliable and trustable for clients. Firstly, you have to deliver the quality that the client can’t get in the market at the price you are offering to set yourself ahead in the competition. Moreover, most of the loyal and busy clients demand timely execution of the project as they are paying a reasonable price. In addition, you can be a credible welder if you keep all the records of payments and invoices.

What are the benefits of becoming a RIG welder?

The biggest advantage of being a RIG welder is you will earn better than the rest of the welders in the country. The reason is you will not have to share your profit with the welding company. That’s why RIG welders have high earning potential.  Moreover, the continuous learning environment is another benefit of this job as you one has to travel frequently.

What are the drawbacks of being a RIG welder?

We know that RIG welders earn a decent livelihood, but you have to give your most time to this job. Moreover, you are prone to work without holidays, and also sometimes you have to work for 12 hours. Therefore, the long work hours hurt health as well as relationships. Further, the touch working condition and tiring portions increase the chance of injury.

Final Words

All the steps mentioned above are helpful if you are looking to set up a RIG welding truck. We suggest you gain some experience and make contacts in the market by working for a few years for an experienced welder or welding company before going on your own.

Moreover, you have first to make sure that you are financially stable to launch your RIG welding truck or not. It is necessary to follow safety precautions as a RIG welder because welding can be very harsh without safety equipment